our focus

We focus on improving the lives of Nimbaians by providing a framework of educational, healthcare, reconciliatory, and self-empowering support in the US and Liberia. With an emphasis on assisting the Nimba community, we raise funds and forge partnerships to help young Nimbaians reach their full potential wherever they may live. 

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our goal

We are raising cultural awareness in Nimba county, Liberia, and the US. We aim to optimize their welfare and create meaningful opportunities. While celebrating the diverse communities, we strive to build lasting collaborations among Nimbaians in Liberia and abroad. 


UNYDA works to assist people in need through support in health, education, and socio-economic self-reliance. 

our part

Since its inception more than ten years ago, UNYDA has brought together Nimba citizens living in the US and Liberia while partnering with UNICCO and creating educational and economic opportunities. All our partners are committed to raising funds and bettering the welfare of Liberians and Nimbaians across the globe. 

Empowering Nimba communities in Liberia and the US is our joint focus. 

our programs

With youth and young-adult education at the forefront of our minds, we offer scholarships to students at colleges and K-12 schools in Liberia, West Africa, and assist with providing back-to-school supplies for low-income families US. We also make textbooks and educational resources available to schools in Liberia. Lastly, we have purchase 5 acres of land to build a 30 classrooms school and 21 beds hospital for the low-income families in Nimba county. When these projects are completed, the citizens will benefit greatly. 

Raising awareness and funds for our programs are also core elements of UNYDA’s work. 

Hands-on Action for People in Need

Apart from our work in education, we step in where help is essential. In the US, we buy school lunches for kids and homeless families while also assisting the work of educators in K-12 schools.